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Students are Unhappy with Healthy Lunch Items

Students are unhappy with their new lunches and are blaming Michelle Obama as well as others for their "nasty" school lunches, reports Education News. The article says students want their tater tots and greasy pizza back. 

Schools are finding that new items such as salad bars are not selling well. Vending machines, known for selling snacks and junk food, are required to offer only healthy options. 

"Many students are now leaving the school lunch program and bringing their lunches and snacks from home," the article says.

Schools are required to make sure their carbohydrates like pasta, pizza and bread contain at least 50 percent whole grains. They are also required to provide no-fat or low-fat milk, a protein and a fruit or vegetable, says Arit John, who wrote a similar article for The Wire

Students end up throwing their healthy lunches in the trash, saying they do not taste good. Because of this and the decrease in sales, many schools are asking Congress and the USDA to lighten up on new lunch rules, according to Fox News

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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