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Student Writes Thank You Letter to All Teachers

Student Writes "Thank You" Letter to All Teachers

How often are teachers thanked? Many may say close to never. 

This one student, however, decided to take some time to thank all teachers for everything that they do in an article on 

"This letter is for the teachers that have never known the true definition of an eight-hour work day," said college student Lexi Herrick. "This letter is for the teachers that have also transformed into club leaders, sports coaches, directors, dedicated fans, event planners, role models, counselors, and loyal friends. This letter is for the teachers who touch lives with each passing day, and help to build the foundation for some of the world's most astounding and incredible adults."

Harrick said she is sure there are times when teachers question if their work is "making a difference to your seemingly unappreciative students," she said in the article. "I want to assure you in this letter of your vast power of influence. I can remember things that teachers have said to me dating back to when I was six-years-old. I know I am not alone in that regard either. Every thing you say and do affects your students, and that makes your job one of the most important jobs in the world."

"Thank you. Thank you to the teachers reading this that are feeling that warm restoration in their chests because they know they are making a difference in this world," she said. "Thank you for molding young minds. Thank you for overcoming the daily struggles of a complicated education system, and still dedicating yourselves to achieving as much as possible for your students. Thank you for patience. Thank you for the kindness you showed to us as little ones. Thank you for the guidance you gave us as we were learning to grow."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor 

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