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Student-Created Tutorials: Preferred by Students and Teachers

Student-Created Tutorials: Preferred by Students and Teachers

Students are turning to the Internet to access video tutorials to help them learn difficult concepts. In response, a middle-school teacher and a student co-created a YouTube channel where students can post their own "math stories."

Videos have become an important part of modern education, said an article on, and "video tutorials can help students with questions on homework or test preparation." Students, the article said, "are finding the value in creating tutorial videos themselves for other students."

Shilpa Yarlagadda, recent high school graduate, was "falling behind in her high school courses and began looking up video tutorials online to help catch up," the article said. "But she soon realized she learned difficult material better from her friends than from any of the content she could find online."

"The best student teachers are the ones who’ve struggled to understand and have a fresh memory of that 'aha moment' when they got it," Yarlagadda said. "Those students can often walk another student through the process in a more visceral way. We’re not looking for the brightest kid in the class. We’re looking for the most passionate kids. Someone who had difficulty learning, but was really persistent in the learning process and was eventually able to understand it.”

Yarlgadda said, "what really makes a video tutorial powerful is capturing the essence of the student’s voice from someone who initially didn’t understand the material."

“When students explain it and they have a way to make it extremely relevant to your life and show you how this actually relates to you specifically, that can make the material really exciting,” Yarlagadda said. “It’s about making the material exciting for someone else. When you’re able to do that for someone else really properly, it’s so rewarding.”

Here's an example of a student-created tutorial:

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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