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STEM News Roundup: Students Excel in STEM

STEM News Roundup: Students Excel in STEM

In this week's latest in STEM, schools and organizations are capitalizing on the upcoming summer months to find innovative ways to get students involved, including a mobile STEM lab and an all-girls STEM summer camp.

1. STEM Mobile Learning Lab Reaches 40,000 K-12 Students in First Month

Over the past month, Institute for Advanced Learning and Research has helped its STEM mobile learning lab visit 542 sites with over 40,000 participants so far, according to Work It, SoVa.

The lab on wheels has been a part of summer camps, schools, neighborhoods, community centers and more to help K-12 students focus on "science, technology, engineering and math education by providing quality, hands-on activities for students. Students and educators within the IALR’s service region enjoy a high level of exposure to STEM," the article said.

The lab is equipped with MacBooks, DVD players, high quality microscopes, robots and other hands-on learning supplies.

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2. STEM in SPORTS at the Richmond International Raceway

The Richmond International Raceway hosted its third annual STEM event this month. The race way served as the home for hands-on STEM education for middle-schoolers.

"A driving force behind the creation of this event was the overall belief and pursuit of the following three goals: to create interest in STEM related educational opportunities, to create awareness of STEM-related careers in sport, and to connect classroom content from seventh grade math and science classes with real-life hands-on activities," according to

The Raceway's efforts represent how members of the national community are stepping up to provide resources to get kids involved in STEM.

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3. Video Series Focuses on Successful STEM Programs

Generation Beta is an ongoing web series from Tech Crunch that looks at different facets of public education. This week, the series is focusing on exemplary programs in STEM studies, specifically in subjects such as coding.

In the video, educators describe what works in STEM and the valuable skills students learn. Many educators additionally tout the importance of project-based learning.

"When students work together to solve coding problems, their mentors tell us they spend more time asking each other questions and less time coming to them for solutions. Rahim Fazal, CEO and co-founder of Involver, believes that these kinds of team-based efforts take learning to 'another level," said the article.

Read more and watch the series here

4. Girl Powered 2.0: The Latest in Getting Girls in STEM

With the push for STEM studies also comes the push to get women and minorities into the field. In one of the latest big efforts to find ways to do so, one community college in Virginia is hosting 'Girl Powered 2.0.'

Designed for middle-school girls, the summer camp dedicates each day to a different subject of STEM. The first day, the girls learned about testing water quality.

The camp, hosted at Danville Community College, also hopes to let the attendees know about the different local STEM careers that will be available to them in the future.

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5. End-of-Year STEM Projects

In one Florida school, students are wrapping up the year with STEM-inspired projects.

"More than 200 middle-school students in Sarasota County, FL wrapped up their school year by designing drinkware, developing a space capsule prototype and vying against teams in a robot competition," according to

Students worked in teams of different numbers to create different STEM-related projects for presentation at the 2015 STEMsmart Middle School Summit.

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Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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