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STEM News Roundup: Program Aims to Integrate STEM Across the Curriculum

Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education have found a new approach to help increase the role of STEM subjects in classrooms. Together, the two launched the "Ignite My Future in Schools" program which provides teachers with the training and resources to bring more STEM and interactive learning opportunities to their classrooms.

"We want the teachers to test the computational thinking strategies in their classroom with their students, and bring back evidence of student learning and feedback from their students on how they're learning so we can continue to support teachers in deeply embedding the concepts of computational thinking in their classrooms," says Susanne Thompson, vice president of professional development implementation at Discovery Education and a former superintendent of Pennsylvania's Northwestern Lehigh School District, according to US News.

Instead of scapegoating teachers for low-performing students, the program is designed to give educators the tools they need to help their students succeed. The program comes complete with lesson plans and guidelines for educators to use, making it easier for them to commit to these new introductions.

Learn more about Ignite My Future at US News and World Report.

Science Educators Meet at this Year's NSTA Conference

Science educators are realizing just how big of an impact they have on their students and with that knowledge comes the responsibility to become the best teacher they can possibly be. That's why the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Conference is such a useful gathering. Educators from all communities, including Title I schools that cater to students of low-income families, attend the event for the latest professional development trends.

At the conference, educators and professionals, many of whom have been in the field for years, exchange ideas and teaching methods in different workshops. The workshops are organized largely by teachers, who are certainly the most credible sources of information on the subjects of science and teaching.

"They get to see what other teachers are actually doing," said David Evans, executive director of the NSTA. "There’s no one that has more credibility than someone who’s doing the same job you are."

Learn more about this year's NSTA conference at the PBS Newshour website.

California School Partners with Discovery Education for Transformative STEM-Focused Professional Development

Discovery Education makes the STEM roundup for the second time this week, as it joins the California’s Fallbrook Union Elementary School District to help introduce STEM-focused professional development opportunities. The purpose of the collaboration is to ensure that teachers are helping students learn in an effective manner.

"This new collaboration provides educators district-wide the dynamic digital resources and sustained, job embedded professional development they need to create modern learning environments that engage all students," according to a release. 

Students will benefit from a host of resources, including Discovery textbooks and an interactive streaming platform. Discovery Education is also going to provide the schools with experts who will help ensure the technology and tools are used to their full potential. 

Learn more about the partnership at Discovery Education.

LeBron James to Open Akron Public School 'I Promise'

LeBron James is ready to build upon his I Promise foundation and charity by opening his very own school in Akron. The public school will be connected to the I Promise foundation and James' fight to help at-risk children get the education and tools they need to become successful in life. 

"The foundation said the new school will use the Akron public school curriculum, but augment it 'with a STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics], hands-on, problem-based learning focus infused with LJFF’s ‘We Are Family’ philosophy to create an innovative and supportive learning environment for its students and their families," according to The Washington Post.

James told the publication that these kids could fall through the cracks if action is not taken. He believes that bringing kids together, motivating them and pairing them with the proper resources and experts could change their future for the greater good. 

Learn more about I Promise here.


Compiled By Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.

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