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STEM News Roundup: Choosing STEM Summer Camps

The summer is rapidly approaching, and thinking over options for how your child spends summer is important. Lately, school districts across the country have been sponsoring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) summer camps as an option to get students learning about and interested in STEM fields. Check out some examples below as you get started looking for options in your area.

1. Systematic Solution Camp, Northern Virginia Community College

In NVCC's STEM summer camp program, Systematic Solution Camp, students are offered classes in engineering, cyber security, programming, 3D printing, robotics, and more.

Though the camp isn't free, its directors claim they have not and will never turn a student away because they cannot afford it.

The robotics program in the summer camp allows for students to get a head start on competitive robotics teams during the upcoming school year.

Read more here.

2. National Grid STEM summer camps, New York Area

National Grid, an electricity and natural gas provider, will be hosting several opportunities for students to participate in STEM summer programs in the New York area throughout the summer months for a variety of grade levels.

For example, for high school students, the company will be working with the University of Buffalo's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to offer a four-day engineering program that will "include demonstrations and hands-on projects in engineering design, team building and leadership skills." 

For students in 3-8 grade, National Grid is partnering with Niagra University to get kids interested in STEM during the summer through two separate programs."The first, open to all students in grades 3-8, is scheduled for July 20-23. The second, slated for July 27-30, is available to young women in grades 6-9," according to Niagra University.

The second all-women program is an effort to get specifically women involved in STEM to help better represent women in the field.

This program requires a $100 registration fee but includes all materials used and provided lunch and snacks, as well.

Read more about the different programs National Grid is sponsoring throughout the New York area this summer here.

3. K-5 STEM camps, Ottumwa District, Iowa

In the Ottumwa district in Iowa, the district has set up a series of summer camps that cater specifically to K-5 students in an attempt to get young learners thinking about STEM.

"Topics include FUN-damental science, forces of nature, and ooey-gooey-slimy-gross camp," according to, and all will include aspects of STEM in the curriculum.

The camps only require a five dollar registration fee to cover materials and also include breakfast.

To find out more about the dates and offerings click here

4. Texas Workforce Commission Sponsored STEM Camps, Texas

The TWC has awarded thirteen different schools nearly a million dollars in combined funding dedicated to their respective STEM summer camp programs.

The camps are set to focus on the following categories: Advanced technologies and manufacturing, aerospace and defense, biotechnology and life sciences, information and computer technology, petroleum refining and chemical products, and energy, according to

The funding allows for each program to provide numerous scholarships so students can attend. For instance, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station was awarded almost $95,000 and is now able to provide 150 scholarships for its three BioFORCE camps.

To read about all thirteen participants and the specific programs and scholarships offered, click here

5. EmBe First Lego League Camps, South Dakota

EmBe's the First Lego League gets students thinking about STEM careers through three summer camp options that revolve around building Legos.

The three options range from one two day mini-camp to two other five and four day camp options occurring throughout summer.

"During the short two day mini camp, kids will build a Lego® robot from scratch and learn how to program it to travel around a field, follow a line and pick up objects," said KSNY.

Even though each camp will be accepting only twenty students each, it represents many STEM summer camps efforts to integrate popular kids toys like Legos into instructing STEM for fun summer activities.

6. Eagle's Nest STEAM Camp, Illinois

Eagle's Nest STEAM Camp is being hosted by Nothern Illinois University to "investigate new techniques in digital art, holography, electronic wearable art, scientific illustration, kinetic art, and more in a serene natural setting," according to NIU'S site.

The camp is intended to emphasize creative learners who are interested in STEM subjects- with art added in.

At the end of the program, campers will showcase their work in a one-day show and will have a permanent digital portfolio created for them, a great way to ensure STEM summer camp involvement has an impact on the student's future in STEM.

For available pricing options and exact dates, click here.

7. YMCA STEM Summer Day Camps, North Carolina

As opposed to to the previously discussed STEM summer camps, the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina will be providing specifically day STEM summer camps using a $25,000 grant provided by Wells Fargo to add STEM to twelve traditional summer camps.

"The program will be developed by a curriculum coordinator and will include lesson plans and assessments aligned with state standards. The grant will fund the purchase of evidence-based curriculum packets, materials and supplies for experiments, training and lesson plan materials, development of the curriculum, and hiring of certified teachers to deliver the STEM curriculum to students," said

Read more here

Please let us know about STEM summer camp options in your area by commenting below.

Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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