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STEM News Roundup: Cartoon Network To Use Their Platform For STEAM Encouragement

STEM News Roundup: Cartoon Network To Use Their Platform For STEAM Encouragement

Over the years, children of all ages have enjoyed the slew of shows from Cartoon Network such as The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time and Dexter's Laboratory. Now, the network is making positive steps towards using their multimedia platform to promote STEAM learning.

"One thing it’s doing is bringing people in the STEAM fields, especially women in those fields, to meet with the people who write the stories for their shows," according to MyStatesman

"That’s resulted in having characters like Bubbles from 'Powerpuff Girls' learn to code."

Jill King, senior vice president of marketing and partnerships for Cartoon Network says the overall goal is to "take down some of the barriers to STEAM education." 

Read the full story.

Harman and the 1,000 Dreams Fund Launch #NewFaceofTech To Promote Female Leaders in Tech

Harman and the 1,000 Dreams Fund have joined the fight to diversify the STEM field. Together, the companies started a #NewFaceofTech campaign to support young women who are looking to pursue careers in the STEM field. 

The STEM career field is growing at an exponential rate and despite its gigantic growth pattern of over 9 million jobs in an 8-year span, women still represent a significant minority in the fields. Campaigns like #NewFaceofTech look to level the playing field by getting female students interested in technology. The campaign doubles as a competition where two entrants will be chosen for financial grants to help them realize their goals. 

Read more about the #NewFaceofTech campaign.

Dremel and 3D Veterans Bring the 3D Idea Builder to K-12 School Districts

Dremel, which touts itself as a leader in developing the latest educational tools for tomorrow, is teaming up with 3D Veterans, an organization that helps veterans with career placement, to bring the 3D Idea Builder to classrooms. 

"As 3D printing technology continues to impact real-world applications of STEM learning in districts nationwide, educators and students will have the opportunity to strengthen educational experiences through hands-on training with the 3D VetSquad. In addition to the comprehensive lesson plans, one-on-one customer support and certification program available to Dremel customers, veterans will offer in-person support for educators who are implementing 3D printing technology to the classroom," according to a recent release.

This program provides jobs for veterans while simultaneously helping to advance STEM education. 

Read more about the program.

Level Up Village Earns the First Seal of Alignment for 2016 ISTE Standards

Thanks to upholding the ISTE Standards in an exceptional manner, Level Up Village is the first organization to receive the Seal of Alignment for 2016 ISTE Standards. With a host of challenging, yet, engaging courses for their students, Level Up Village is setting a prime example for other educational organizations. 

Level Up Village is also helping to bridge the diversity gap with its global programs in more than 20 other countries. These countries include Nicaragua, South Africa, India, Kenya and many more. 

Learn more about how Level Up Village is excelling here.


Compiled by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.

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