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STEM News Roundup: NSTA Picks Best STEM Books for K-12 Students

STEM News Roundup: NSTA Picks Best STEM Books for K-12 Students

Volunteer educators for the National Science Teachers Association in coordination with the Children’s Book Council have gathered to create an inaugural list of the "Best STEM Books K-12" in order to provide access to the best STEM-specific books currently available.

NSTA selected 31 books out of 330 submissions after a careful vetting process designed to ensure that every book on the list is something that inspires students.

"The books on this extraordinary list represent a wonderful selection of variety, depth, and nuance," said David Beacom, NSTA’s chief content officer in a prepared statement.

"Each book reinforces STEM thinking—modeling innovation, demonstrating authentic problem-solving and assimilation of new ideas, all while exploring solutions that show progressive change or improvement."

All books on the list invite "STEM-like thinking" by modeling real-world innovation, connecting authentic experience and integrating creative approaches and more.

They also, according to NSTA, represent practices of science and engineering by demonstrating things like designing or redesigning, improving, building, or preparing a product or idea.

Books on the list cover topics like global warming, genetic engineering, women in STEM, famous inventors and more.

Read the full list of NSTA’s best STEM books here.

Singapore Students Might be Three Years Ahead of U.S. Students in Math

The results of the latest international assessment have revealed Singapore students might be as many as three years ahead of U.S. students when it comes to math skills.

This is the second time this month an international assessment showed Singapore students to be at the top of the pack—and U.S. students to be lagging when compared to international peers.

Read the full story.

How the U.S. Improved Computer Science in 2016

As the U.S. celebrates the 7th annual Computer Science Education Week and 2016 comes to a close, Education World reflects on how K-12 computer science education progressed this year through efforts like a federal initiative and the creation of a computer science consortium. 

Read the full story.

HP Announces Extra-Durable Convertible Laptop for Schools

HP has announced the creation of an extra-durable 2-in-1 laptop designed specifically with classrooms in mind.

The device has been designed to be extra-durable to withstand the spills and drops that tend to happen during student use. According to WindowsReport, "[i]ts sturdy build and the industrial rubber casing makes it indestructible." Other classroom-specific design functions include optimized note-taking features and a built-in "Take a Test app."

Read the full story.

Getting Daughters Excited about STEM

This week, Brightly wrote a piece for the Huffington Post titled "6 Things Parents Can Do to Get Their Daughters Excited About STEM."

The six ways including inspiring tinkering, looking for the hidden math problems in day-to-day on-goings and encouraging STEM-related reading.

See the full list here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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