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New Spillproof 2-in-1 HP Laptop is Designed Specifically for Classroom Use

The soon-to-be-released HP ProBook x360 Education Edition is described by WindowsReport as "a multi-functional convertible device aimed solely at school usage."

Thanks to a four-mode design, the tablet/notebook hybrid can be converted to both a tablet and a notebook as well as can be used in either stand or tent mode.

Because it has been reportedly designed specifically for school use, the hybrid device includes unique features that were made with the classroom environment in mind.

The device, for example, has been designed to be extra-durable to withstand the spills and drops that tend to happen during student use. According to WindowsReport, "[i]ts sturdy build and the industrial rubber casing makes it indestructible." Other classroom-specific design functions include optimized note-taking features and a built-in “Take a Test app."

Powered by Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, Windows says the device needs no dedicated IT support thanks to a built-in app that simplifies device set-up to three easy steps. 

In an introductory blog post, Reinventing the classroom: HP engineers world’s thinnest rugged convertible laptop, HP says its new tech design will help spur project-based learning and overall creativity in the classroom.

"It is the world’s only convertible laptop with a dual camera system, which HP calls Explorer Mode," HP said in its post.

"Explorer Mode is used for project-based learning and content creation and uses an optional 1080p FHD camera embedded on the keyboard deck to let students take video in tablet mode while viewing in real-time."

The HP ProBook x360 Education Edition is scheduled to be rolled-out worldwide on December 16.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor



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