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STEM News Roundup: Are High School STEM Programs Focusing Too Much on Science and Not Math?

STEM News Round-Up: Are High School STEM Programs Focusing Too Much on Science and Not Math?

Analysis of the newly released 2016 ACT results indicates that U.S. high schools might not be providing students with a well-rounded STEM curriculum.

Schools might be doing an adequate job teaching students science subjects, but seem to be floundering when it comes to teaching students math skills.

Says a recent analysis of the scores:

"Since 2012, students meeting the new ACT College Readiness Benchmark in STEM, which is a combined measure of math and science readiness, have earned consistently higher average ACT science scores,” the report says.

"In contrast, ACT mathematics scores for those students have remained flat during that time. This raises the question of whether STEM initiatives undertaken by many states are placing more emphasis on the science side of high school curricula and less emphasis on the mathematics side.”

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Zika: A Hot Back-to-School Topic for Science Classrooms

If you’re not planning on teaching students about the Zika virus in your science classroom this school year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is hoping you’ll change your mind.

"Outside of their homes, children and adolescents spend much of their time at school. Accordingly, district and school administrators play an important role in efforts to prevent possible Zika virus transmission among students and their families, particularly in schools that open their facilities to the community for events, extracurricular programs, and recreational use,” the CDC says.

Find resources for teaching about the virus here. 


Become a 3D Printing Pro With These Free Resources

Want to fully embrace the maker movement this school year by using a 3D printer but not totally confident in your ability to properly work the machine?

Have no fear, these free resources are here.

Ultimaker, the leading open source 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the launch of the Ultimaker Pioneer Program, a program designed to connect educators who are involved in the 3D printing movement.

Check out the accompanying resources here.


Study Reveals Iowa’s Efforts to Build STEM are Working

A 300 page report released by Gov Terry Branstad has revealed that Iowa’s consistent efforts to increase STEM participation in the state are working.

"Over half of the children of the state have now participated in one or more of [our] STEM programs, so we’re really at an interesting tipping point,” says Jeff Weld, executive director of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, according to

“And I think we’re beginning to prove the concept here, that we’re going to provide a talent pipeline for the IT, agriculture, medicine, engineering, advanced manufacturing pipeline as a result of the work that we’re doing here.”

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Why You Should Teach Your Students Digital Skills for Tech Success

In order for students to successful with their technology use, experts agree that they must first learn important digital skills.

Such skills include being digitally organized as well as being constructive with distractions as opposed to being overcome by them.

Check out the full list of tips here. 

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