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STEM Labs in Practice: How Hands On Experiments Challenge Students

When learning science, technology and engineering, students can read textbooks or listen to lectures, however, without putting their knowledge into practice, the old methods could deem useless. That’s where STEM labs come in during the age of blended learning.

In Cypress and Moon Lake elementary schools the hands on approach by using STEM labs are being used and the results seem to be a hit with the students. It’s where education meets creativity and excitement.

"If you just read it in a book, I'd probably fall asleep," said Mikey Hammond, 9, according to the Tampa Bay Times report.

"Doing it as an activity, you actually learn it."

Both schools were able to launch their STEM labs through grants from Duke Energy and the Pasco Education Foundation, according to the report. As you can tell from the enthusiasm of Hammond, it’s much better than reading a textbook. The application is what really gives the best learning experience and these schools as well as others nationwide are beginning to notice that.

"They see the applications," School Board member Alison Crumbley, who helped coordinate the funding, said of the children, in the article.

"This is why you're here. … The most important thing to me is, creativity comes out in kids."

If teachers are worried about training to adapt to the approach, there are training facilities such as Project Lead the Way who are able to provide just that. It’s important to understand that the educator is transformed into having an increased facilitator role for the students.

"The biggest thing is to have them question," said one of Theresa Joy Willhelm’s students, in the report.

"They have to figure out how it works for themselves. It can't be told. That's how they take it home."

Students seem much more excited about the STEM labs approach to learning and excitement and enthusiasm means students are starting to enjoy learning a bit more and they are also understanding the material much better than the traditional approach.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.

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