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State's Common Core Review Reveals Widespread Support

State's Common Core Review Reveals Widespread Support

In Tennessee, Gov. Bill Haslam launched a public inquiry into the state's Common Core standards, creating a website that allowed state residents to read through the standards and vote on them over a six-month period of time.

According to, 2,262 residents participated and "logged 131,424 total reviews and 20,344 comments," and out of them all, 56% were in favor of keeping the standard in question.

"Which standards triggered the most opposition, and what comments were made about them, isn’t public information currently. Nor is it known how sentiment may have broken down among individual groups," the article said.

Haslam recently signed a bill to reform Common Core standards in the state by the 2017 school year, so these reviews and comments are especially important for his administration to take into account.

"However, the law doesn’t say what the standards are supposed to look like, leaving the possibility that they could be extremely similar to Common Core.

Similar outcomes have been seen in other states like South Carolina and Indiana, where Common Core was successfully repealed only to be replaced by new standards that are nearly identical," the article said.

This especially might be the future for Tennessee standards, since the majority of residents appeared to be in favor of making no changes at all.

According to the article, "[c]ritics of the Common Core might argue that teachers, who overall have supported Common Core more than the rest of the population, made up more than half the sample.

On the other hand, Common Core supporters could point out that the grassroots opposition to Common Core may be quite limited if only a few hundred parents were willing to go to the review website to register their displeasure," the article said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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