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State Offers Virtual Academy to K-12 Students

State Offers Virtual Academy to K-12 Students

Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) is a fully accredited public school in Washington that serves K-12 students. In its ninth year, the school operates totally online for free tuition.

According to its press release, the school touts a well-rounded education that allows for each student to learn in an individualized and unique way. "WAVA gives advanced learners the ability to progress faster in the subjects in which they excel, including opportunities for advancement in STEM education and the ability to earn college credits while in high school," the press release said.

For K-8 students, each student receives a personalized learning plan at the start of the school year. Once a week, the students will meet with his or her teacher online to go over the week's assignments and ensure he or she is on track.

"In the K-8 environment, WAVA students guide themselves through a core curriculum of literature, math, history, science, art and language skills each year, with one parent serving as a learning coach to ensure the students finish their daily assignments," according to an article on

From a teacher's perspective, it gives teachers the ability to focus on each student individually. One instructor for WAVA, James Karr, likes the level of interaction he has with his students. "Most importantly, the students can view what Karr writes on his virtual whiteboard and take part in the lesson themselves if Karr calls on them to write on the board," the article said.

In 2013, there were 600 students in Washington digital schools, and a majority of the parents behind these students cited bullying as the main reason why they went the digital route.

"Forty-three percent of parents reported that bullying or other inappropriate behavior in the classroom lead them to virtual learning, while another 30 percent of parents reported that their children were falling behind academically in traditional schools."

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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