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NJ Raises Bar on Entry to Teacher Training Programs

State Cracks Down on Teacher Training and Certification

In New Jersey, officials have toughened their standards when it comes to who will teach the state's students. 

Under the state's new regulations, students need a minimum "B" GPA to enter a teacher training program and to receive certification, according to The students must also possess a certain skill base and pass a performance test upon certification. 

Assistant Education Commisioner of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Peter Shulman said the changes reflect a comprehensive approach to teacher development. 

"There is research and anecdotal evidence that the teacher in the classroom is the most important in-school factor for pushing academic achievement for students," he said. "Physics teachers should know physics, but they should also have a foundational knowledge in language arts and math. If I'm teaching phys ed or physics, there's a level of my work that will require some writing and math."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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