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Sony Unveils System to Provide Robotics & Coding Educational Kits

Sony Unveils System to Provide Robotics & Coding Educational Kits

Today, Sony said it will be releasing educational kits through its new Koov system that will focus on robotics and programming.

"The Koov system consists of blocks and a micro controller but can be assembled into a number of different shapes and configurations depending on what you would like to build,” according to Geeky Gadgets.

Sony said Koov is the first offering of Sony Global Education’s STEM101 curriculum which it announced last fall.

Sony announced the launch of the new educational service Oct. 27, 2015, where it spoke about its intentions to take advantage of global partnerships to incorporate expertise.

"The curriculum promises to stimulate children's intellectual curiosity through new forms and styles of learning, and it provides the opportunity to learn about living as a member of society through different program types that offer various hands-on experiences. Sony Global Education aims to offer STEM101-based educational services from spring of 2016,” Sony said at the time.

"STEM101, which rearranges conventional divisions between academic subjects, comprises three program elements: ‘Think,' ‘Make,' and 'Feel.' Among these, KOOV marks Sony Global Education’s first offering in ‘Make,' which focuses on engineering and technology – teaching creative skills, from robotics to programming,” Sony said in today's statement. 

As promised, Sony’s new system will help students to play, code and create by using the kit’s translucent blocks to create and then using the program software to bring their creations to life.

"Sony Global Education will actively promote KOOV as a tool for opening children's minds and infusing them with receptivity to the surrounding world, reasoning skills, and problem solving competency, all highly sought after attributes in the 21st century,” Sony said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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