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Sonic to Spend $1 Million Funding ‘Most Voted’ Public School Teacher Projects

Sonic to Spend $1 Million Funding ‘Most Voted’ Public School Teacher Projects

As part of Sonic’s 8th annual Limeades for Learning Voting Campaign, the company will be donating a total of $1 million to fund teachers' projects that receive the most weekly votes on its website until Oct. 23.

Powered by, voters are able to search through states, grade levels, subjects and resources or can simply look at most recent additions to find projects.

Many project requests similarly revolve around purchasing classroom furniture as alternatives to seated desks to encourage active learning and technology like iPads to help modernize teachers’ rooms. Then there's Ms. Collins-Buckner’s request for a heavy-duty pencil sharpener with the title “We Can’t Sweat the Small Stuff!” and Ms. Morvant’s request for an ELL Welcome Center Rug that serve as reminders of just how little of the budget teachers have access to—part of the reason why they spend over $500 out-of-pocket on classroom supplies every year.

By November, after Sonic has fully funded the projects, supplies will be delivered directly to teachers to help them improve their classrooms and their students’ learning with the new materials.

In just 2015-2016 alone, Sonic estimates it funded 3,028 projects and impacted 90,840 students. Since 2009, Sonic estimates that a total of 349,920 students have been impacted by its efforts in education. Overall, Sonic says it has donated over $6,176,337 to teachers’ projects.

DonorsChoose has become an extremely popular method for providing funding to teachers in need. In March of this year, during #BestSchoolDayEver, "fifty-eight celebrities, athletes, business executives . . . [committed] over $14 million to flash fund over 11,000 projects in communities spanning 47 states and D.C.," said CBS News. 

Read more about Limeades for Learning and how you can participate here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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