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SONIC Partners with Crowdfunding Site to Pledge $650,000 to Teacher Supply Needs

SONIC Encourages Communities to Support Teachers, Partners With Crowdfunding Site to Pledge $650,000 to Teacher Needs Across the Country

SONIC Drive-In is partnering with the popular crowdfunding site for teachers,, to pledge $650,000 to local teachers through its 7th annual "Limeades for Learning Campaign."

Though Sonic has already pledged the funding amount, it allows for the American public to vote for which teacher projects the funding should go to.

"From September 28 through October 18, 2015, SONIC guests and fans can make a difference in their local communities by voting for public school teacher projects they would like funded through the Limeades for Learning website,," SONIC said in statement.

"Throughout the voting period, projects with the most votes each week receive funding, while remaining projects get a chance at funding for the next week."

Creating an account to vote is totally free, and registering through the site gives the user access to one vote per day.

Making purchases at the local SONIC provides more votes; each purchase comes with a code on the bag sticker that equals two votes.

In addition, after voting ten times, individuals will also be sent two extra votes and sharing votes through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and e-mail also give way to the opportunity for extra votes received.

According to SONIC, by the end of this campaign the company will have donated more than $5 million for teachers and students nationwide. The Limeades for Learning campaign is in response to the increasing amount of money—$500 on average—that teachers have to spend out-of-pocket for classroom supplies.

Since the program launched in 2009, the company estimates that it has helped fund over 7,500 teacher projects across the country. 

Find out how to register to vote for local teacher projects here

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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