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Social Media Tips to Help Principals Communicate Better

Social Media Tips to Help Principals Communicate Better

Social media has become a simple and effective means for individuals and workplaces to communicate these days, and schools are not exempt.

MiddleWeb has provided principals and school administration with a list of tips for using social media to best communicate timely information.

"Because of the almost universal access across all demographic groups, social media often reaches more people more quickly. It also reaches audiences that traditional forms of communication miss,” MiddleWeb said.

"Principals can use social media to improve communication, provide information during school safety situations, increase collaboration, and enhance professional development.”

These days, many parents turn to school’s social media pages for information before turning to any other resource.

MiddleWeb suggests that principals should take advantage of this and actively encourage parents to visit school social media pages by:

  • frequently updating content
  • providing easy navigation
  • having a clean, professional design
  • frequently linking to additional content

The article also points to the benefit of social media in the school’s safety culture. 

"When tornadoes devastated Joplin, Missouri and Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2011, both school districts discovered that social media quickly became the primary means of communicating with families and staff. Often, it was the only way,” the article said.

On the inside, social media can be used a productivity tool for enhancing collaboration and scheduling meetings. The article points out the benefits of using Twitter chats to host discussions about on-going topics.

It points to the benefits of social media for establishing a Professional Learning Network (PLN) as a means of free professional development, as well.

"Social media technology is a transformative tool, one that is reshaping how students, teachers, and school leaders learn and work,” the article said.

Read the full list of tips.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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