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Skype Connects Experts with Students in the Classroom

Students at St. Mark Community School in Saskatoon, Canada are using the video service Skype to connect with people related to their learning topics, and the technology is allowing students to stretch their minds and imaginations.

After reading about Anne Frank, Grade 8 students used Skype to talk with a holocaust survivor in Montreal and hear her story from World War II. Students were reportedly very engaged and intrigued by the interaction.

“Skyping gives kids the chance to connect with people around the world and ask the questions you can’t ask a book,” said Connie Davis, a teacher and librarian at the school.

Using Skype technology gives students access to people around the globe, and encourages students to explore outside the classroom with no need to even leave their chairs.

“They’re asking bigger questions, they’re making good choices, they’re choosing strategies and skills that they never had the opportunity to choose before,” said Davis.

Skype also encourages classrooms to connect with each other, and opens up opportunities for students to meet other people their age and gain a global perspective. St. Mark Community School engages and learning partnerships around the world.

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Article by Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor.

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