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Preparing Students for the Future Takes More Than Money

Six Price Tags educators pay to prepare students for the future

Worried about budget cuts? The good news: Many key things educators can do to prepare students for the future don't necessarily cost money, says columnist Tim Elmore from the Huffington Post. The bad news: Teachers must commit to paying the non-monetary "price" for these things.

For example, adults need to "create or identify places that are safe for [young people] to try and fail and to apply what they think they know," Elmore says. "It has everything to do with the price tag attached to genuinely preparing young adults for the world into which they will soon graduate," he adds. "I actually don't think it's a money problem. For both parents and educators, I think we're often unwilling or unable to pay the price it takes in other ways."

Click here to read more about the six price tags of preparing students for the future.

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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