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Student Information Systems Can Be Accessed Through Chromebooks

Student Information Systems (SIS) are becoming more popular among districts nationwide. They are used to manage student data and performance and one Connecticut district is allowing teachers access from their Chromebooks.

"Last year, we reached a tipping point where teachers abandoned the use of desktop machines," said East Haven Public School District Technology Director Randel Osborne, according to The Journal.  

"When I walk the hallways, I see Chromebooks in the hands of teachers all over the district. AccessNow gives teachers the versatility to manage their classes more effectively."

There are nearly 300 teachers in the district, according to the report. They were using Pearson’s PowerSchool gradebook as the management system but it was not compatible with Chromebooks because of the Java-based technology.

“However, as they have transitioned to Chromebooks, the district has employed Ericom Software's AccessNow software to allow them to access the gradebooks via a browser-based application,” according to the report.

“With AccessNow, teachers can remotely access their PowerSchool Gradebook and input grades and other information via Windows' Java-based applications and desktops from browsers that include Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.”

When it comes to making access to vital management tools for educators companies are beginning to see a growing importance with universal compatibility. It allows schools that don’t have a large budget depend on tools like Chromebooks that are fairly inexpensive.

“Ericom Software representatives noted that, because AccessNow is browser-based, there is no installation or maintenance required, meaning no time or resources are required of the district's IT staff,” according to the report.

Student Information Management systems allow for a smoother and more efficient grading process. These tools also allow educators to access their gradebooks wherever there is Wi-Fi. 

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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