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Sick-Outs Shutdown Nearly All Detroit Public Schools Once Again

Sick-Outs Shutdown Nearly All Detroit Public Schools Once Again

Detroit Public School system is making national headlines once again for teacher sick-outs that have forced more than 90 schools to close today.

The sick-outs are in response to news from the district that it would not be able to pay teachers their earned salaries past June 30 and that budget problems would force summer school and extended special education services to be canceled, The Detroit Free Press said.

According to The Detroit Free Press, 94 out of 97 schools in the district were forced to close today.

"Teachers said they had been told that the $48.7 million allocated by the Legislature last month to fund the district through June 30 would cover summer pay for the approximately two-thirds of district teachers who signed up for the plan, which allows for paychecks year-round instead of just during the school year,” the article said.

Sick-outs are not a new thing for the troubled district.

In January, dozens of schools were closed for several days throughout the month as teachers protested building conditions, taking to social media to share photos of buckling floors, rodents and mold.

TIME Magazine says the district is currently facing a debt of $3.5 billion, a debt that has continued to build as the district’s student and teacher population continue to decline.

Despite the outrage over the possibility, there is still hope for teachers to receive summer pay and for summer school and special education services to continue if the state’s legislature passes an education reform bill that is currently in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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