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Shutterfly Introduces Common Core-Aligned Lesson Plans

Shutterfly Introduces Common Core-Alligned Lesson Plans

Now, Shutterfly isn't just for posting and collecting personal photos. 

Shutterfly Photo Story, or Photo Story for the Classroom, a new feature, inspires students to "do their best work by showcasing projects in a published book," said its website. Shutterfly is also offering a lesson plan for every grade on with most subjects covered.

"A fun new way to incorporate technology in the classroom, our iPad app aligns with the English Language Arts Common Core Standards for each grade level. Easy and intuitive, Photo Story helps students document their projects and stories with text, photos, audio clips and Doodles," according to the site text.

According to the site, Shutterfly's new approach can "enhance any classroom lesson," from English as a second language, social studies, and science. Teachers can use the provided lesson plans, or use the tools to make their own. Each lesson plan has suggested activities that connect to Common Core Standards, learning objectives, how students will use photo story, materials, resources, and assessment.

EducationWorld editors: Shutterfly has provided fairly comprehensive lesson plans. For example, there is a lesson on the butterfly life cycle that requires second grade students to observe butterflies and compile text and pictures in a journal. Another great provided lesson plan invites seventh graders to create a book report, for multimedia display and print. In a way, Shutterfly replaces PowerPoint for students. A fifth-grade lesson plan allows students to create a report on famous American Revolution-era figures. 

Read the full story. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

Teachers are invited to look at the current lesson plans and share any ones they've found to be useful in their own classroom in the comments below.



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