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Should You Be Using Yoga in Your Classroom?

Should You Be Using Yoga For ‘Brain Breaks’ In Your Classroom?

April 8th marks the world’s first annual Kid’s Yoga Day, created by author Teresa Ann Power and endorsed by over 100 global ambassadors. If you aren’t already using yoga during breaks in your classroom--should you be?

Benefits of Using Yoga in the Classroom

There is a wealth of current research that suggests that yoga is a great tool for the classroom because of the positive effects it has on children who practice it; a recent The 74 article looked at schools who practiced yoga and saw both increased student achievement and reduced suspensions in the time following the activity.

According to amaZENU, a service that provides preK-12 educators with yoga and mindfulness classroom activities through web-based videos, research shows that yoga in the classroom helps promote social and emotional learning, helps children cope with trauma, and in general promotes a positive classroom climate for both students and teachers.

Though “[r]esearch in this field is preliminary ... scientific studies suggest that children who practice yoga-based movement, conscious breathing, and mindfulness/mediation activities are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and calm themselves,” amaZENU said.

“They may also choose better foods to eat and engage in more physical activity than children who do not.”

AmaZENU points to research that yoga helps students:

  • improve academic performance
  • ease jitters and anxiety, an especially good tool for before tests
  • reduce anger, depression and fatigue
  • learn improved stress management
  • improve ability to pay attention and comprehend
  • learn mind/body self-awareness


Web-Based Video Service Offers Easy Access, De-Stressing Suggestions

For those interested in practicing yoga in their classroom but are unsure where to start, amaZENU offers educators access to short, web-based videos through a monthly or annual subscription. Adaptable for all grade levels, the videos are also designed to specifically fit your classroom's needs. Find out how to register for a free trial here. For those interested in learning more but not ready to make a commitment, amaZENU offers some useful tips on its blog. 

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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