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Should Educators Be Tipped During the Holiday Season?

Should Educators Be Tipped During the Holiday Season?

While teachers provide a vital service for our nation and most educators, parents, and students, believe they can’t be paid enough – the question of whether teachers should be tipped during the holiday season is a complicated one.

In some districts, schools have specific policies for tips and gifts but in most of the country, parents are left to decide for themselves. In many cases they want to show support for the people educating their children, but many do not know what’s appropriate.

Quartz, an online magazine, took on this difficult issue and created a comprehensive guide to who should be tipped/gifted in education during the holiday season. The site also found that tipping is not the norm,

“Most Americans said they didn’t give gifts or tips to teachers for the holidays in 2013, according to a Consumer Reports survey. The teachers Quartz spoke to said they don’t expect holiday gifts from students, though they appreciate the gesture,” according to the site.

Here is what the survey found:

  • 53% do not tip
  • 35% give a gift
  • 16% give money or a gift card

The median value of the gifts parents gave teachers in the U.S. in 2013 was $20, according to the Consumer Reports survey, Quart reported. “But like most things, the norm depends where you live and where your child goes to school,” the story said. “If you’re paying $18,000 for tuition, spending $150 to $200 isn’t absurd, McKee says. But in a public school, that price tag might be excessive.”

The story does warn people to check local authorities before giving any gift, but it’s an excellent guide to share with parents who ask principals or other administrators what to do. It might be too late for this year, but Quartz has answered a question it’s awkward for teachers to answer themselves.

Here is the full story to share with parents.

Article by Daniel B. Kline, Education World Contributing Editor

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