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Share My Lesson, Clever Team Up for Software Optimization

Share My Lesson, Clever Team Up for Software Optimization

Share My Lesson, a resource sharing site for educators has teamed up with Clever, a technology service for teachers for keep all software in one platform. 

"Clever is an instant login service, so teachers and students can log in to all of their school's learning applications with one click," said a press release. "The collaboration grants secure access to Share My Lesson and all of Clever's other learning applications, eliminating the need to remember a new username or password for each, and compiling all school software in one place."

Share My Lesson, the press release said, is an "online platform for teachers to find, share and collaboration on successful classroom practices. The site has nearly 300,000 free teaching materials and lesson plans and more than 24,000 Common-Core aligned resources, covering all K-12 subject areas."

"From the time we launched in 2012, Share My Lesson's primary objective has been to make life easier for educators by providing a one-stop, shop-for-free site filled with high-quality online lesson plans and teaching resources," said Share My Lesson board member David Sherman in the release. "By joining forces with Clever, we can continue to meet this objective and the requests of our members by providing a simple, one-click solution to fulfilling their educational resource needs."

With the partnership, administrators add the Share My Lesson app to their Clever account, and "educators will no longer waste valuable educational time logging into various accounts, or asking their students to remember several passwords. Teachers can ask their school system to add Clever as well. The free, secure integration solution is used by more than 27,000 schools."

"Teachers using Share my Lesson with Clever Instant Login can now get access to great content with a single click," said Clever CEO Tyler Bosmeny. "This will give teachers more time to focus on instruction."

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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