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Sesame Street Partners to Create Early Literacy App

Sesame Street Partners to Create Early Literacy App

Sesame Workshop and EdTech company Tiggly have partnered to create an early literacy app for kids, available for download Nov. 26.

Just in time for the holidays, the app teaches kids to “build words, explore language patterns, and discover sounds” all while playing with their favorite Sesame Street Muppet as the app combines physical play.

"The app addresses key educational and social needs of the preschool audience, and the physical play provides a powerful learning experience for preschoolers,” according to to statement from the two partners.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen aims to teach young learners literacy skills without depriving them of the playtime necessary for their age group.

A big part of the app is the beloved Cookie monster- who uses silly reactions to "provide an opportunity to think about these kinds of social choices and he also models self-control while waiting for the cookies. All of this is possible because of Tiggly's cutting edge technology.”

This is just another effort from Sesame Workshop to use its influence to helps kids learn; the organization reaches 156 million children across 150 countries.

For those interested, the app will be available for download on the Apple app store for $2.99 on Nov. 26 and "is available for free as part of the Tiggly Words Learning System -- five specially designed vowel toys that interact with 4 included apps.”

Read more about the app here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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