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Search Tool Aligned to NGSS Helps Educators Find Digital Resources

Search Tool Aligned to NGSS Helps Educators Find Digital Resources

A new tool from the nonprofit Common Sense Education called the NGSS Explorer is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and is designed to help educators find resources for the classroom, eSchoolNews says.

"Common Sense Education, a nonprofit organization that reviews and rates education apps, games and websites, today introduced the NGSS Explorer, an intuitive and quick search tool for teachers to discover digital STEM and STEAM resources for their science and math classrooms,” the article said.

The NGSS Explorer is completely adaptable for different grade levels and expectations so teachers can find the best resource for what they need.

"Using the NGSS Explorer, teachers can search by grade, topic and Performance Expectation (PE) to find relevant, creative tools that pair well with their NGSS-aligned activities, lessons and curriculum. Mapped to each PE, the tool provides three NGSS dimensions – Science and Engineering Practices (SEP), Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI), and Crosscutting Concepts (CC) – for quick and easy reference,” the article said.

Also available through the tool are over 2500 editorial reviews of apps, games and websites as well as a “Top Picks” area that highlights stand-out resources in the extensive library of resources.

Find out more by reading the full story here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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