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Science Friday Host and Former Astronaut Among STEM Awards Judges

Host of NPR’s Science Friday Ira Flatow is one of the noteworthy judges who are taking part in the Sally Ride Science award for teaching innovation in STEM. Advanced Placement testing authority and NMSI leader Rene McCormick and former NASA astronaut Sandy Magnus are also judges in addition to several STEM educators.

"Having high-profile STEM advocates like Mr. Flatow, Ms. McCormick, and Dr. Magnus as judges for the Sally Ride-Deloitte Teaching Innovation in STEM award is truly an honor. We look forward to hearing their opinions on the many innovations being submitted by educators from across the country. And we encourage educators who may be on the fence about submitting to submit as soon as possible,” Matt Casper, Sally Ride Science director of marketing, told EducationWorld.

“We're seeing everything from after-school STEM programs to classroom activities to new uses for tech, and we can't wait to see what other people may have to offer.”

Multiple honorees are to be chosen for the Sally Ride-Deloitte Award for Teaching Innovation in STEM, with first prize being $5,000. Any K-12 educator in the U.S. is eligible to enter, but must offer contributions to a STEM subject area, including science, technology, engineering, and math, in some way. This includes encouraging STEM-related careers. Two winners will receive $2,500 each, with five others getting $1,000 each for second and third-place prizes respectively. The top three winners will also get additional rewards, including ebooks to help with Common Core standards within the STEM subjects.

"STEM educators are, in our opinion, often innovative people—the early adopters of Education World in many ways. While so much of what we do at Sally Ride Science is about equipping them with the tools, they need to improve how they teach STEM,” Casper said.

“The ideas we have heard from some of these educators can easily serve this purpose [equipping educators], too, and with the generous support of Deloitte, we are able to share, and reward, the works of these trailblazing educators.”

All entries are to be submitted to by October 31, 2014; with winners to be announced by February 2015. Contest rules can be found here.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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