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Schools Seek New Ways to Protect Students Against Online Bullying

Schools Seek New Ways to Protect Students Against Bullying Over Social Media

Studies have revealed that kids feel the most distressed when bullied both in person and over the internet because they feel like they cannot escape their tormentors. Certainly, social media allows for bullying to expand past the classroom and follow bullied students home. Schools are seeking new ways to protect students against the trauma that comes with cyber bullying, especially over social media.

"The old days of cornering a kid in the bathroom were bad, but the danger stopped at the front door, noted Sylvan school board member David Collins, who works with the Center for Human Services. 'Now, with social media, it follows them until they go to bed,' he said," according to

Schools are looking to turn to new disciplinary tactics as the traditional methods of suspending and expelling students have proven to not solve the problem, and are looking for new, innovative ways to handle bullying that occurs through social media.

"Counseling for all kids, academic help, talking to families and other interventions are being used instead. Student-to-student sessions with a mediator, talking through a conflict, are gaining favor," the article said.

In other words, many schools are turning to character education and a focus on teaching behavioral skills to help both the bullied and the bullies.

One teacher, Merced County , C.A.'s Teacher of the Year, has started a new program called "Life While You Lead" which will help middle school girls meet with student mentors in a five-week summer program. The program will help provide a strong foundation for students entering high schools.

22 percent of teens nationally report being bullied, and many schools are realizing that with the changing nature of bullying, so must change how the school responds.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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