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Schools Could Win 100K Grants in Safe Driving Promotion

Image courtesy of State Farm.

High value grants and an in-school concert are some incentives available to high schools who sign up for State Farm’s new “Celebrate My Drive” program this fall. The program is open to schools nationwide and may be of interest to secondary professionals who promote safe driving among their students.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company provided the following explanation of this limited time promotion on its website:

First, the not-so-good news: More teens die from car crashes than any other cause. And the first year of driving is the most dangerous. The good news: There’s something we all can do about it. And it involves a celebration!

That’s what Celebrate My Drive is about – celebrating this big, new life of freedom that comes with a driver’s license. Part of that life means making smart choices behind the wheel, which is why we’re spreading the message of 2N2® – 2 eyes on the road, 2 hands on the wheel. It’s a simple habit that can reduce distracted driving and help new drivers build confidence on the road.

School administrators who register their schools for the program effectively provide their schools with a chance to win a $25,000 grant, a $100,000 grant or a concert performed by The Band Perry. After registering for the program, schools are encouraged to request that their students make a “safe driving commitment” and support their school by selecting their school from the website selections starting on October 15.

“A teen’s life changes when the driver’s license arrives. Celebrate My Drive, powered by State Farm, encourages responsible choices behind the wheel to help assure it’s a positive change for both teens and their parents," State Farm Public Affairs Manager, Kimberly Moore told EducationWorld. "Sadly, for more than 30 years car crashes have been the leading cause of teen deaths. We’re working to improve that statistic.”

“The grant dollars awarded to Celebrate My Drive winning schools is the cherry on top,” Moore said. “Last year we had high schools start or support current driver safety programs within the schools or offer scholarships for students to attend outside programs. Other schools have made parking lot improvements to make their properties safer, and brought in experts to teach safe driving tips during dangerous times of the year, like prom season. The possibilities are limitless depending on the needs of the school and the students.”

According to the posted rules and regulations "for each grant awarded, a minimum of 10 percent of the prize value must be used toward teen driver safety initiatives in the 2014/2015 high school year." Schools are able to register for the program at up until October 7. The entire stated official rules, a list of frequently asked questions and safe driving tips are available on the website.


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