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School Seeks 'New Tech Model' to Engage Students

School Seeks 'New Tech Model' To Engage Students

An Indiana middle school is trying a new hands-on community-based tech learning model to engage its students and could be a role model for innovative schools in the future.

Goshen Community Schools have "been exploring the possibility of becoming part of the New Tech Network, which is a model that encourages students to be more engaged and explore real-world problems," according to the Elkhart Truth.

The model is based on three components: project-based learning, technology, and culture to give students a well-rounded and complete education for real-world learning.

In addition, the model relies on a one-to-one device initiative where every student receives his or her own device to remove the need for a teacher or textbook for knowledge at all times.

"Goshen teachers and administrators have visited several New Tech schools in Indiana to observe classrooms, and teachers came back inspired and excited," the article said.

Many observers noted a detectable level of higher energy in the network as well as engagement from empowered students.

During a meeting with the school board to present findings on the tech network after research and observations, the board "pointed out that many questions still remain, such as what resources will be required and whether parents and students will still have learning options."

Though the school has already began working toward a one-to-one device initiative, making one mandatory requires increased funding and a clear roll-out program, a problem many districts seeking similar initiatives face.

"They will learn more at a three-day conference in July that offers a special track for educators from schools that have not yet committed to the New Tech model," the article said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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