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School Plans First 'Electronic Learning Day'

School Plans First 'Electronic Learning Day'

In a Minnesota high school, juniors will be the only grade mandated to come into school to take the ACT. The rest of the school will be working from home.

Across the state, juniors in Minnesota will be taking the ACTs April 28. However, while most high schools will keep the rest of the school home for the day off, Spring Lake Park will have its first ever "Electronic Learning Day" where students "will complete 20- to 30-minute exercises online for each of their courses," according to ABC News.

"With iPads in the hands of nearly every student for two years now, 'our students do a lot of these kind of activities already,' said John Franke, associate principal at the high school," according to the article.

The idea for the learning day was introduced to board members March 24, and educators will work with and not penalize students with limited or no internet access.

The online learning platform, Schoology, has been used by the district since 2014 and will be the system through which administrators assign activities to their respective students.

This is not the first time electronic learning days have been of use. Educators have played around with the idea of electronic or "e-learning" days to replace the pesky snow days that keep students home during the winter months. For the past two years, schools across the country have established or are in the process of establishing virtual ways for students to keep up from home.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor

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