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School Finds Blog Pages a Successful Alternative to Composition Notebooks

School Finds Blogging a Successful Alternative from Composition Notebooks

What are some of the best methods for improving the use of social media and writing in the classroom? Blogging is often a great writing activity that inspires students to write better and write more.

For an English class at Hanover Middle School in Massachusetts, students are closing their composition books and opening their laptops with a new approach, according a recent article in the [Hanover] Evening Sun newspaper. Teachers are instructing students to use their laptop during class time for online blogging in replace of journaling. Teachers said doing so "encourages each student to create a strong writing voice and positive digital footprint."

"Everybody wants a voice and they get that now," said Andrew Samuelsen, who teaches seventh grade English and literature. "Students are used to sharing work with the teacher, but now other people can see it, which encourages a more thoughtful analysis of the literature."

The first assignment required students to pick a book and write their own review using, a teacher-monitored website. 

"It's a great way for this age group to express their opinions using social media in a safe environment," Becky Conover, technology integration specialist for the district, said. "It also gives kids who are shyer in the class the chance to share what they think. It teaches them to take ownership of their writing."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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