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'School of Doodle' Encourages Young Women to be Creative

School of Doodle Encourages Young Women to be Creative

A new Kickstarter project, School of Doodle, has received $86,787 and aims to spark teenage girls' creativity online. 

With a little help from activist female rock band Pussy Riot and musician Yoko Ono, the school campaign imagines an all-girls online art wonderland where girls can find inspiration through how-to videos and more. According to Mashable, these videos will encourage young women to create and share their work online. 

"Teen girls, as much as they want to learn from somebody they admire, really want to learn from each other," said Molly Logan, founder of School of Doodle. Girls will earn "Doodle Dollars" by posting their work and can redeem them for field trips and art supplies. Logan hopes to create a tigh-knit online community for young women. 

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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