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#SaidNoSchoolEver Campaign Tackles Education Issues With Humor

#SaidNoSchoolEverCampaign Tackles Education Issues with Humor

Trash bag company Hefty and Havas Worldwide Chicago are teaming up before the start of this school year to promote Box Tops for Education with its #SaidNoSchoolEverCampaign, where it tackles issues in education with videos and memes featuring humor and sarcasm.

"We do not need any more art supplies," said one of the teachers in Hefty's 30-second video spots. Those are not the words you'd typically expect to hear from a teacher, especially knowing that art and supplies in general are deeply underfunded in schools throughout the country.

But in Hefty and Havas' #SaidNoSchoolEverCampaign, teachers grin while making similar statements in the campaign's videos and memes before flashing to the "Said No School Ever" tagline. At the end of the advertisements, Hefty promotes the Box Tops for Education on its product boxes.

"I am to my ears in top of the line sports equipment," says a cheery gym teacher in the first video of the campaign.

"Our computers are too fast and too high tech," says another teacher.

"This map? From 1913, almost all the states are there!" exclaims another.

"Spend more money on education?"

"Na, we're good." the teachers agree in unison.

The tongue-in-cheek initiative to bring awareness to issues in education funding is because "Havas ... wanted to bring Hefty's involvement with the Box Tops for Education program to light. Hefty, the only trash-bag brand currently supporting the initiative, has donated over $3.5 million to Box Tops over the years. The subject matter also hit close to home for some members of Havas' creative team," according to AdWeek.

Havas group creative director Ecole "Weinstein, whose mother was an inner-city school teacher in Florida for 29 years, said she grew up knowing all about the challenges teachers and public schools face. She added that the dry, sarcastic humor would share well on social channels, especially among the teacher crowd searching for a little bit of humor," said -AdWeek.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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