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Rosetta Stone's Top 5 Global Language Learning Programs

STEM subjects aren’t the only ones that benefit from added tech in the classroom. In fact, there are many technology-based language programs on the market with Rosetta Stone being one of the more popular ones. These programs have simplified the process of learning a foreign language, making it more enjoyable and easy for students to learn.

The company recently releases a list of the most popular global language programs in the U.S. with top five that might be slightly surprising. The top five programs in demand for the U.S. include Spanish in the style of Latin American grammar, English, French, Spanish (Spain style) and German.

What is pretty interesting is the fact that Chinese doesn’t make the top five. With the global and technological impact that China has in the world it’s interesting that more schools are turning towards not one but two styles of Spanish, English and French.

“As shifting demographics, globalization and the adoption of cost-efficient technology-based products continue to increase, so does the need and demand for world languages,” said Judy Verses, president of technology-based learning solutions provider Rosetta Stone’s Global Enterprise & Education Division, according to eSchoolNews.

“Equipping students with language enables them to differentiate themselves from other candidates in a competitive job market and, ultimately, positions them for professional success.”

The new technology is helping students learn at a faster pace while in many cases keeping them engaged. What’s even more interesting is that the fastest growing sector of the K-12 population is made up of English Language Learners and the company predicts that the number will reach 40 percent come the year 2030, according to the report.

“With language proficiency becoming an increasingly desirable skill for 21st-century jobs, Rosetta Stone aims to offer innovative, online instruction to help students build speaking confidence and to become engaged in the curriculum while preparing them for success in the multilingual, global economy that awaits them,” according to the report.

The interest in languages has been a focal point of many global and international studies magnet schools in order to bridge the language gap worldwide.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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