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Useful Music App Backed by Local Arts Council

In an educational age where technology and STEM learning seems to be reigning supreme, an innovative app is being created to show that the arts have not been forgotten.

Music education has been in limbo for many districts nationwide as some were even forced to cut music classes from their program. There are many arguments as to why music programs are necessary in a students’ early education, which is why the Pasadena Arts Council is funding a new music app that might change the game while incorporating some obvious use of technology in the classroom.

“BandBlast, released by Music Lifeboat recently, now motivates students and propels them forward in the musical skills with 350 video music lessons by some of the world’s top philharmonic and studio musicians,” according to Pasadena Now.

“The free app includes innovative, character-based rhythm, pitch detection and recording games, integrating music education with fun and exciting missions.”

The minds behind the app included musicians Brandon Bernstein and Terry Carter along with a team of “engineers and programmers, video animators, game designers and curriculum developers,” who are all musically qualified.

“Whether you are a professional musician or not, the benefits of having access to music education and playing an instrument are enormous,” said Bernstein, according to the article.

“After seeing arts education cut around our country and globally, especially to the underserved populations, we realized we had to make the app entirely free, with no ads, or in-app purchases to bring access to as many people as possible.”

Apps lacking in app purchases are even more rare than free educational apps making this a project completely geared towards schools and students need for a music education program.

Music has become one of the first programs that come to administrators’ minds when it comes to cutting their schools costs but the BandBlast app has essentially made it easier to keep a vital part of students’ development. Education World will have a review of the free music app on Friday July 10.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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