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Responsive Software Aims to Replace Private Tutors to Help Struggling Readers

Responsive Software Aims to Replace Private Tutors to Help Struggling Readers

Reading Buddy Software, available Nov. 5 after nine years in the making, is advanced Responsive Speech Recognition (RSR) technology that offers an alternative to parents aside from private tutors and learning centers when helping their children learn to read.

Founder Ari Fertel was inspired to create the software using the help of software engineers, educators, reading specialists and gaming experts after one of her sons needed help improving his reading- but her only option was a $75/hour tutor.

According to Fertel, Reading Buddy Software is the very first retail software to "that listens to a child read, detects errors, and gives on-the-spot help.”

Reading Buddy Software works by using RSR technology to monitor the child’s reading. When the child struggles with a word, it provides a “visual cue and if needed a correct pronunciation.”

it motivates the child to continue reading and practicing with a Point & Prize system that keeps track of points- parents can check their child’s progress by logging in at any time.

According to the company’s statement, for the price of 1 tutoring session, Reading Buddy Software provides the entire family with “24/7 on-demand tutoring for a month.”

The software is available for a 30-day risk-free trial; the software guarantees your child will improve his or her reading by 50 percent in three months.

The trial also includes an e-report on “How to Transform Your Child’s Reading” to further help families aid their child.

Learn more about Reading Buddy Software by watching the video below and access the risk-free trial here

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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