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Research Reveals Low Tech Competence in Young Workers

Research Reveals Low Tech Competence in Young Workers

According to a research project from Change the Equation in partnership with American Institutes for Research, despite being born in the age of technology and being considered digital natives, millennials are perceived by employers to possess a low skill level in technology areas.

The research found "that although 91 percent of millennials consider a lack of computer skills irrelevant to their job prospects, employers think otherwise. A survey by the American Association of Colleges and Universities, found that only 37 percent consider recent college graduates well prepared to stay on top of new technologies," according to a recent article in T.H.E. Journal.

And 58 percent of these same surveyed millennials ranked in the lowest levels of technical proficiency, meaning they "couldn't solve a multi-step problem that required more than one computer application."

Many experts, including Change the Equation CEO Linda Rosen, are concerned that letting young people continue to have low skill-sets will weigh down individual opportunity. She sees an answer to this problem in STEM studies.

"The organization is espousing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to help fill the gap for young people. Its Web site offers a resource, STEMworks, for finding STEM education programs around the country," the article said.

The site also offers principles that enable students to become more technology savvy and to better learn problem-solving skills using technical ability including using technology to solve real-world problems and sharing lessons from businesses.

"'Now is the time for business to join forces with government, educators and other STEM advocates to ensure that all young people ... have the opportunity to become tech savvy,'" the authors of the report said, according to the article.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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