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Republican Leaders Cancel Vote on NCLB Bill

Republican Leaders Cancel Vote on NCLB Bill

A vote on the House to rewrite the No Child Left Behind, or Elementary and Secondary Education Act, was canceled by the chamber's Republican leaders. 

The vote was canceled because the Republican leaders, "failed to drum up enough conservative support for the bill," according to an article on EducationDive.ocm. 

"The controversial bill — which would keep annual testing but give states more flexibility around spending and how to deal with failing schools — has been opposed most vocally by Education Secretary Arne Duncan and the White House, but also by conservative groups like Heritage Action for America and Club for Growth," the article said. "With the Republican majority, it was considered likely that the GOP would take the lead and pass a reauthorization, but the fact that they were unable to is a bit of an embarrassment, according to the Associated Press."

EducationDive reporter Allie Gross said that while the bill does not "seem to be flying, the government needs to think of something."

"Issuing NCLB waivers to states each year is not a sustainable model, and the fact that so many states need these waivers indicates that the current policy is broken," she wrote.

In August, Gross said that "Washington consulting group Whiteboard Advisers surveyed education "insiders" and found dim prospects for reauthorization, with 20% believing it would never happen at all."

"While recent news indicated that group was going to be wrong, this new standstill may justify their skepticism," Gross continued. "The anonymous survey included 50 to 75 individuals with influence on education policy, ranging from current and former education department officials and congressional leaders to state leaders and heads of major education organizations and think tanks."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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