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Reading Harry Potter Helps Students Become More Open-Minded

Harry Potter series readers felt Hermione’s pain every time Draco Malfoy hurled the derogatory “Mudblood” insult at her, and they cheered Harry and the gang on in the fight against Voldemort’s pure-blood revolution. They also watched as, in a spurt of civil rights organizing, Hermione formed the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare to improve the treatment of elves.

It's therefore no surprise, said a Parade article, that the wizarding world series can help young readers become more open-minded and less tolerant of prejudice.

Research with students in Italy and England, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, found that youth are able to transfer lessons learned from injustices faced by characters on the page into real-life understandings of issues like bigotry toward immigrants, refugees and the gay community.

Read the full story and check out this related EducationWorld resource: Harry Potter Inspires: How Does Social Change Happen?

Article by Celine Provini, EducationWorld Editor


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