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ProQuest Introduces Enhancements in Online Resource eLibrary

ProQuest Introduces Enhancements in Online Resource eLibrary

ProQuest has recently enhanced its popular online resource, eLibrary, making it easier for students to conduct research and complete school assignments. The new mobile Web edition is now available and enables access from smartphones as well as hand-held devices.

eLibrary offers the largest general reference collections of periodicals and digital media content. With the resource, students will find the answers they need my searching content from eight different media types including more than 2,500 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, transcript titles and a collection of more than seven million maps, pictures, Web files and audio/video files. The enhancements now include text-to-speech functionality from ReadSpeaker at the document level for all text formats. This way, students can better understand and complete their assignments on the go. Another enhancement is a direct export to EasyBib, making citation export effortless. 

Larry Wilkner, publisher of ProQuest, said the organization recognizes that today's student community has different needs, behaviors and learning habits. eLibrary and its recent enhancements focus on these different learning styles.

"The enhancements to eLibrary reflect our continued investment to provide best-in-class solutions for the K-12 market," Wilkner said. "Throughout own product development efforts and through partnerships with leading providers such as ReadSpeaker and Imagine Easy Solutions, our solutions will continue to evolve, offering anytime access to authoritative content in a variety of formats."



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