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Principal Offers Six Meetings That Work for Administrators

Principal Offers Six Meetings That Work For Administrators

Administrators might have a tough time finding the best way to connect with their staff members. Principals are always hosting meetings, but--just maybe--many of these meetings are not effective. 

"Why is it common for meetings to be major obstacles to getting things done?" asked Sam LeDeaux, a K-5 principal in Chicago on "Objective. Every leader of a meeting hopes it will be productive; however, specific meeting objectives may vary. It takes more than hope to have a productive meeting."

In order to help administrators find the best meeting for their schools, LeDeaux offers six types of meetings for school principals and administrators to consider "with very different objectives." One type, he said, is the "'have a meeting to have a meeting' meeting."

"These meetings are set in stone on the calendar at the beginning of the year [say, every Monday], and are committed to and protected at all costs," LeDeaux said. "All efforts are focused on finding things to do for the meetings. These meetings never end early, because the leader has spent hours [or even days or weeks!] stressing over how to fill the entire time. In some cases, these meetings result in bonus 'emergency' meetings to finish the leftover “work” that time ran out on at the previous meeting."

A second type of meeting LeDeaux is the "'story time' meeting."

These meetings, he said, are "spend with the leader reading emails to you that he sent earlier in the week" and "no you're not allowed to have your computer in the meeting."

"After getting the group warmed up with some announcement email reading, the boss may move on to reading a PowerPoint presentation to you," he said. "Yes, the one he emailed you earlier this week. No, you are not going to take action on it during this meeting as if you had read the email earlier this week as required. No, you cannot follow along on your computer, because your computer’s not allowed."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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