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President-Elect to Receive Thousands of Letters Penned by K-12 Students

Teaching Tolerance, a project run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has released examples of letters penned by students from across the country addressed to President-elect Donald Trump following an extremely divisive election.

The letters were written by students as part of the #StudentsSpeak initiative, an initiative launched to encourage "teachers to ask students in grades K-12 to submit their advice to the president-elect. Students responded with essays, letters, drawings and other art – and shared it all on social media. Teaching Tolerance mailed more than 1,000 submissions to the president-elect. The submissions are expected to be delivered to Trump Tower in New York City this week," said the Southern Poverty Law Center in a statement.

Teaching Tolerance spent much time following the election assessing how it affected America's classrooms. After conducting several surveys, Teaching Tolerance found the majority of teacher respondents said the election had a negative effect on their school's climate due to an uptick in bullying and harassment.

#StudentsSpeak was created in response to this negativity as a way of providing students with an opportunity to get their voices heard.

"We wanted students to know that even though most of them were unable to vote in the presidential election, they can still make their voices heard," said Teaching Tolerance Director Maureen Costello in a statement.

Below are some examples of the submissions that will be delivered to Trump this week, just a day before he is inaugurated.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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