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Poll Reveals People Will Pay More Taxes to Better Fund Public Schools

Poll Reveals People Will Pay More Taxes to Better Fund Public Schools

When it comes to taxes, there’s not a whole lot of people who would like to volunteer to pay more.

But when it comes to education, most agree that more funding needs to come from somewhere, even if it means their own pockets.

69.4 percent of respondents in a Saint Leo University Polling Institute survey said they would pay somewhat more in taxes to better fund schools in their community.

"Dr. Karen Hahn, education faculty member at Saint Leo University, said the apparent willingness to put more money into schools is a bit surprising, but a welcome development,” said Saint Leo University Polling Institute in a statement.

The national survey was conducted between Oct. 17-22 of 1,005 adults.

The survey also asked the respondents several other questions about their views on education.

For example, 27.9 percent of national respondents felt that state government and corresponding departments of education should control educational standards for public schools while a close 24.8 percent voted in favor of the federal government and the Department of Education.

When it came to speaking out on the current quality of education, 54.7 percent said that the national quality of public education is poor while 54.4 percent conversely said their local schools were either good or very good.

"Dr. Hahn attributed the apparent disconnect to the influence of media stories on problems in education that lead people to believe the public system nationally is faring poorly. On the other hand, Dr. Hahn suggests that people feel: ‘I know what happens in my children’s school, and it’s good.’”

Read more about the poll results here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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