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Plant the Seeds of Learning, Promote STEAM With These Spring Activities

It’s officially spring--and that means the nice weather can serve as a distraction to restless students. There’s no better way to grab students’ attention than with fun activities; Education World has compiled a list of activities that will help you get your classroom ready for spring learning.

Plant the Seeds of Learning 

Support agricultural education by planting the seeds of learning with these resources that focus on “bringing plants to life.”

Promote STEAM with Affordable Art Projects

Promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in your classroom with these budget-saving art activities. The activities range from engineering pinwheels to learning the art of paper quilling.

Teach Students Bugs Aren’t Bad 

One of the best parts of spring is going outside- but we share the outside with so many different creatures. Teach your students that bugs aren’t bad with this comprehensive list of grade-adaptable books on the subject.

Spring Internet Activities

Let your students use these lists of websites to do their own research about the science behind spring. This resource also includes sites that have interactive nature-related games.

Engage Students with Spring Poetry Unit 

There’s something romantic about spring- and there’re no better way to emphasize the romance by introducing a spring poetry unit in your classroom.

Try This Online Scavenger Hunt

This online scavenger hunt is a simple way to get kids learning about the basics behind spring.

Follow Spring’s Progress!

Bet you’ve never done this with your class before. Provide students with a broader perspective of spring by having them track its “journey” across the Northern Hemisphere using this totally cool website that includes documentation of migration patters and signs of spring across the world.

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