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Internet Usage Benefits Education in the U.S., Survey Finds

Internet Usage Benefits Education in the U.S., Survey Finds

The Internet can effect many aspects of daily life such as education, personal relationships, the economy, politics and morality. A recent survey of the public in emerging and developing nations found that people believe the Internet has an overall positive effect on education.

“...People in emerging and developing nations say that the increasing use of the internet has been a good influence in the realms of education, personal relationships and the economy,” reported the Pew Research Center. “But despite all the benefits of these new technologies, on balance people are more likely to say that the internet is a negative rather than a positive influence on morality, and they are divided about its effect on politics.”

A median of 64% of the general population in the 32 emerging and developing nations surveyed believe the internet is a good influence on education. “In 24 nations, a majority say the internet has a good influence on education in their country,” reports the Pew Research Center. “While the internet is seen as a positive influence on education in all regions, it is especially true among countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.”

This research brings up important questions and issues about the affect of communications technology on an increasingly connected world. Research found internet use to be a daily activity, primarily focused on socializing, however the public sees tremendous potential as an education tool.

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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