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Pearson, First Book Promote Literacy Ahead of Election Day with #ReadUP Campaign

Pearson, First Book Promote Literacy Ahead of Election Day with #ReadUP Campaign

For every use of the ReadUP hashtag, Pearson and non-profit First Book will be donating a book to a child in need for up to $10,000 in donations.

The #ReadUP campaign is using the final week of the election to bring attention to the importance of literacy in making informed decisions like casting a vote in the general election; simultaneously, participation in the campaign results in donating to children in need.

". . . key to the growth of an educated public is the ability to read and think. Raising the next generation of voters is dependent on the equitable and widespread distribution of books and educational resources. This is the mission to which First Book has dedicated itself for nearly 25 years,” said Kyle Zimmer, First Book president and CEO in a statement.

#ReadUP is part of Pearson’s Project Literacy campaign, a global initiative that aims to help “every child grow up to be a literate adult” by 2030. 

"Literacy is essential for exercising your civic rights. #ReadUP before #ElectionDay and change a child's future,” said Project Literacy in a tweet.


Indeed, many studies have directly tied education and literacy rates to voter turnout. First Book, a company that has already provided over 150 million to children in need, in partnership with Pearson is hoping that its #ReadUP campaign will inspire a final push for civic education before the time to vote arrives.

"Pearson is very proud to be supporting the great work of First Book to help thousands of children start their journey towards a life of literacy and lifelong learning,” said Jennifer Young, Director of Social Impact Programs at Pearson in a statement.

For those interested to #ReadUP on where the presidential candidates stand on education issues, check out our resource here.

To find out more about the #ReadUP campaign, see here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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