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Pearson Announces Integration of Digital Writer With Microsoft Word

Pearson Announces Integration of Digital Writer with Microsoft Word

Pearson is committed to helping students improve writing skills by announcing the integration of Pearson Writer digital writing resources with Microsoft Word.

With the integration, students using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Word 2013 and later can "have access to support that helps build the writing skills that today’s employers are looking for in new hires,” said Pearson in a press release.

"Pearson Writer helps students manage writing and research projects and get answers to their questions from trusted, searchable content. It’s accessible anytime, anywhere—from any device including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.”

The integration is designed to make students’ live easier by letting them utilize the benefits of Pearson’s Digital Writer in the same space that they are composing.

Already, Pearson Writer has been used by over 350,000 students to plan for essays, correctly use citations, and view essay examples to learn from.

According to Pearson, 81 percent of students agree that the digital tool helps them better prepare for writing assignments while 9 out of 10 said the tool is easy-to-use.

Pearson’s website touts Pearson Writer as being a good choice for both college and high school students as well as English as a Second Language learners.

“This integration of two powerful digital tools presents today's learners with a tremendous opportunity to build an essential life skill, one that is particularly critical, coveted, and too often lacking in today’s workforce,” said Paul Corey, managing director for Higher Education Courseware, Pearson.

(As a side note, if you’re an instructor looking to make quick and easy extra money, Pearson Writer’s website says it's compensating U.S. instructors $25 for watching the walkthrough video and filling out a survey with feedback. Read more about that offer here).

Read more about Pearson Writer here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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